Skyland Ventures Joins ReadON Funding Round

2 min readSep 5


Ever since we set out to build ReadON, in this exciting journey to enrich content distribution methods with Blockchain technology, decentralize the process and empower readers to have a say in how content is delivered, the Japanese community has emerged as a vibrant force in our field.

This is why in this funding round, we actively sought the support of prominent Japanese investors, and we’re very proud to have Skyland Ventures as our partner.

Skyland Ventures has a rich experience investing in start-ups at their earliest stages, supporting them to pioneer new domains in fields such as VR, AI tech, Livestreaming, for over a decade.

Combining blockchain and AI technology has great potential, and ReadON has many use cases where these technologies shine. Our team has expertise and technical capabilities in building the technology behind recommendation algorithms and we aim to improve our ability to recommend content, the ability of AI to handle content such as translation and summarization, and build our own model for professional translation.

We want to express our gratitude to Skyland Ventures for enabling us to continue our efforts to that end, turn ReadON into a great product and become a community to watch.

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ReadON is a decentralized content distribution platform.