REVOX Teams Up with BNB CHAIN: 100 Million Points for Airdrop Alliance!

2 min readJun 12, 2024


We are pleased to announce our participation in the BNB Chain’s latest initiative, the Airdrop Alliance Program, launched by @BNBCHAIN.

🎁Airdrop Rewards:

Revox is pleased to announce the rollout of a substantial reward pool, totaling 100 million Revox Points. The intensity of the prize pool varies depending on the level of participants.

Completing all tasks allows simultaneous participation in the distribution of both reward pools.

1️⃣Reward Pool 1:

- For Levels 1&2 participants : Total 20 million Revox Points (12M for Level 1 & 8M for Level 2)

2️⃣Reward pool 2:

- For Level 3 participants : Total 80 million Revox Points

📖Guide for Levels 1&2:

- Please check for detailed actions.
- For those eligible users, please connect your wallets on and collect your Revox Points rewards after July 15.

📒Guide for Level 3:

- Share Airdrop Reward Pool 2 : Total 80 million Revox Points
- Launch Date: From June 14, 2024, 00:00 UTC to July 11, 2024, 00:00 UTC.

Participation Guide
① Visit:
② Connect your wallet
③ Complete the following 2 tasks:

Task 1: Sign-in Task
Complete 20 daily credit claims on opBNB during the event period.

Task2: Team Formation Task
Added 20 new members to your team, and each of them has completed at least one transaction on opBNB.

Level 3 Bonus:

Bonus:
Participants who complete on-chain transaction tasks on opBNB on 20 out of the 28 days during the event will qualify for sharing 40% of the Level 3 points reward pool.

👨‍🏫Team Formation Reward:
During the event, teams that add more than 20 new valid members (with valid members defined as those who complete at least one transaction on opBNB) will qualify for sharing 60% of the Level 3 points reward pool. This includes invitees up to two levels down from the original inviter, all considered as team members.

🍬How will the rewards be distributed?
Rewards for all different levels of participants will be sent by Revox team after July 15, 2024.

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