REVOX Points/Team Rules

2 min readMay 17, 2024


— What is REVOX Points
❤️ In short: The more REVOX Points you have, the more $RGT airdrop you can receive.

— How to Get REVOX Points:
⭐️ Earn points by completing tasks using two products under REVOX.

— Besides completing tasks, what are other faster ways to earn REVOX Points?
🔥 Form your own team! See below for more team rules.

1️⃣Team Building:

When any user enters through your invitation link, they will become a member of your team. When your team members invite new users, those new users will also count as indirectly invited members for you. There will be a total of three levels of invitation hierarchy: You-A-B-C (where ABC all belong to your team members. When they complete tasks and earn points, their points will respectively contribute 25%/15%/8% to your rewards.)

Team Building

2️⃣Explanation of terms in your “Rewards History”

✅L1 Lead Reward:
The L1 Lead will be receiving 25% of all Revox points their invitees earn.

✅L2 Lead Reward:
The L2 Lead will be receiving 15% of all Revox points their invitees earn.

✅L3 Lead Reward:
The L3 Lead will be receiving 8% of all Revox points their invitees earn.

REVOX Points Policy Update (Updated on June 3, 2024)

We have observed certain loopholes that could lead to unfair and fraudulent scoring practices, prompting us to update our strategy for points allocation.

The definition of team members will now require the completion of at least one curatorial action (Content Hub) or at least one AI Credit Claim (Lense). The scope of tasks eligible for additional points rewards from team members will be limited to curatorial tasks (Content Hub), AI Credit Claim tasks, and achievements (Lense).

This policy will be implemented simultaneously in both Content Hub and Lense, and will affect historical points data.




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