REVOX Content Hub User Guide

4 min readApr 15, 2024


Introducing Content Hub, a revolutionary product under the Revox umbrella. Content Hub empowers users to discover, curate, and share the finest content within the Web3 community.

❤️Content Hub is a user-friendly product, but if you encounter any issues during use, you can find answers here.

🌈All earned points are eligible for future token airdrops, offering participants a valuable opportunity for potential rewards.
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👍Let’s get started!

✅Step 1: Connect Your Wallet
✅Step 2: Follow @ReadOnMe3 on Twitter to get 1000 points
✅Step 3: Confirm the invite code, then click <CONTINUE>

✅STEP 4: Select the article to curate

Here are three diverse approaches to selecting articles for curation:

Where you can curate the article

🔥URL Submission: You have the freedom to curate from a vast array of online content by simply pasting the URL of any web-based material that aligns with your interests and expertise. This method allows for flexibility and exploration across various platforms and sources.

🔥Featured Weekly Articles: Delve into our specially curated collection of articles showcased in our <Weekly> section. Handpicked for their relevance and quality, these articles offer valuable insights and perspectives on a range of topics, ensuring that your curation reflects the latest trends and developments.

🔥Trending Article Discovery: Explore our <Trending> section to discover articles that are currently gaining traction and sparking discussions. By selecting articles from this dynamic and ever-evolving pool, you can engage with trending topics and contribute to ongoing conversations within the community.

✅STEP 5: Choose to curate on X Layer (OKX L2), Linea, ReadON Loki, or Polygon. Currently, selecting X Layer earns double points. It is recommended to choose chains with expected rewards or chains with lower gas fees.

  • Select <X Layer> for curation and use $OKB to pay for gas fees (currently with double points reward).
  • Choose <Zksync> for curation and use $ETH to pay for gas fees
  • Select <Linea> to curate and use $ETH to pay for gas fees
  • Select <ReadON Loki> to Curate and use $READ to pay for gas fees (You only need to input an invitation code once to receive Read Token as gas fees.)
  • Select <Polygon> to Curate and use $MATIC to pay for gas fees

✅STEP 6: Tasks

In the task system, you only need to complete tasks as required to receive corresponding points rewards.

Task System

You can earn 100 points per day on each chain, totaling 300 points per day. If you consistently complete curation tasks on any single chain for 7 consecutive days, you will receive an additional 1000 points after the seventh day.

✅STEP 7: Complete curation and share to boost this content

💥Invited individuals will join your team through shared articles!

Share to boost this content

✅STEP 8: Invite friends to earn more points.
All your team members will contribute rewards for you!

There are no restrictions on the number of invitations. Receive 100 points for each invitation. The more you invite, the more points you earn. Additionally, you’ll receive corresponding rewards when your team members complete their tasks.

  • Find your invite code here and invite your friend by clicking on <INVITE>, then share the invitation link with your friends.
Invitation Link

In my Team, you’ll discover every footprint of your squad, along with the additional points you’ve earned through their endeavors!

My Team


  • Reward Pool: 10,000 $READ are rewarded to the best contents every week
Reward Pool

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