Redefining Web3 Content Infrastructure: ReadON’s Successful Debut at Crypto Dream Night

2 min readSep 13


In a landmark achievement, ReadON, the leading Web3 content infrastructure, clinched the top spot in the Crypto Dream Night Challenge hosted by TechHub News and Skylink. Celebrated in Singapore with over 1,000 attendees and an additional 10,000 live stream viewers, the event marked a significant moment in ReadON’s ascent in the digital space.

Showcased in the “Tell Me Your Dream” drone display was ReadON’s strong and clear ambition: “To become the irreplaceable content transit hub in Web3.” For the users, ReadON is not just a community. It is an experience where individuals do more than just absorbing information — they actively engage in content curation and governance. Envisioned as a one-stop destination, it facilitates deep dives into the vast expanses of Web3, tailored to individual preferences.

But the dream doesn’t end here.

Strategically poised to amalgamate the richness of Web2 content, ReadON will implement Web3 functionalities to seamlessly bridge the gap between these two digital dimensions. In essence, ReadON aims to transition from being merely a community to becoming the content Infrastructure of the digital world, empowered by pioneering blockchain and AIGC technologies.

ReadON boasts collaborations with over 100 B2B clients and its proprietary app, ReadON DAO, currently delights 400k users. Recently, ReadON secured a new round of funding from Japan’s cryptocurrency venture capital firm, Skyland Ventures, further propelling its ambitious journey.

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ReadON is a decentralized content distribution platform.