Redefining Content Service: ReadON’s Mid-Year Journey

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ReadON is a Web2-compatible content service layer, grounded in a decentralized content consensus design and a socially private protocol based on ZK technology. We provide developers and participants in the content ecosystem with Web2-compatible ownership solutions, curation consensus data, and robust user privacy protection services. Our initiative is aimed at tackling the issues of centralized content platforms monopolizing creators’ work ownership and consumers’ data, controlling information dissemination, shaping user cognition, and reaping excessive profits.

Thanks to relentless dedication, ReadON has positioned itself as one of the most exhaustive indexes for Web3-related content services, supported by a strong community consensus. Over the past few months, we’ve achieved significant milestones that reflect our unwavering commitment to innovation. Here’s a recap of our remarkable journey.

Community Building

A strong community is the engine behind our ongoing progress. Here are some of our accomplishments and endeavors in this direction:

  • Our inaugural ReadONBetaBox Season 1 event was a runaway success, generating enthusiastic responses and high participation from community members. Encouraged by this outcome, we’ve launched ReadONBetaBox Season 2, and we can’t wait to welcome more Catto holders onboard.
  • We executed our first Catto Topic Part Voting & Design event to roaring success. Looking ahead, we plan to make this a regular event, aiming to unlock the creativity of our community fully.
  • As part of our strategy to roll out features laid out in our whitepaper, we introduced the PICK feature. The PICK feature empowers all users to influence content popularity and drive content sharing. Within 10 days of its launch, the PICK feature has already clocked 17k on-chain interactions.
  • True to our commitment, we have initiated NFT Voucher Redemption for OGs and early contributors. Presently, the total number of Catto NFTs stands at 419, with a base price of 0.379ETH. The first 4-star Catto NFT was traded at 2.88ETH. ReadON NFT has been highlighted in the “Memberships” section of OpenSea, which is a testament to our community’s vibrant engagement and expectations for Catto NFT.
  • As part of our drive to expand our community base and influence, we’ve been building communities for various language areas:


i) Twitter: @Readon Japan @MorokitchBD

ii) 🇯🇵Line Group

Southeast Asia:

i) Twitter: @ReadON Bangladesh

ii) Telegram group: 🇧🇩Bangladesh 🇮🇳India 🇮🇩Indonesia 🇻🇳Vietnam

Our efforts have garnered support from active contributors worldwide, including Russia, Turkey, South Korea, Nigeria, among others. We’re excited about reaching more people through these channels and sharing our mission with them.

  • Hosting on average two Community Calls per month has enabled us to maintain a direct communication channel between the ReadON team and the community. This approach not only helps to address questions but also fosters greater community involvement. Plus, it provides valuable insights into the community’s needs and expectations.
  • The ReadON Roundtable AMA series has been a great success. These sessions, featuring professional guests, provide a platform for our community members to discuss and share trending topics. Since its inception, the ReadON Roundtable has held nine sessions, with an average audience of 2k and a peak of 5k.
  • Our efforts to improve our advertisement package and corresponding infrastructure have started to yield results. We’re now generating external advertising income, marking a significant stride towards positive growth.

Events and Collaborations

Over the past few months, we’ve formed strategic and technological alliances with over 30 projects. We’ve also hosted and participated in over 25 cross AMAs and co-hosted several large-scale, engaging events with our partners.

These partnerships have laid a solid foundation for our development, enabling us to deliver high-quality content and services to our community.

Here are some noteworthy events:

  • As a partner for the first issue of zkSync Era theme in Cryptopedia on OKXWallet, we witnessed over 28k participants exploring the ReadON app and completing interaction tasks.
  • Our collaboration with Manta Network saw the launch of ReadON zkPass, reaching a mint count of over 35k. We were also selected for the wave 1 Manta Network grants program and decided to return all rewards to the community.
  • We were excited to be among the first projects to partake in the Galxe Loyalty Points System. This tool allows us to implement more targeted incentive plans by breaking down user loyalty.
  • We took part in “Linea Voyage — Social and Entertainment Week!”. The mint count for the ReadON Linea Profile reached 258k.
  • Our partnership with CyberConnect has been highly beneficial. Joining its FanClub has encouraged users to dip their toes into Web3 and explore ReadON’s latest social features.
  • We were delighted to host The Future of Web3 Social offline party in Hong Kong. With over 200 builders from over seven countries and more than 100 projects participating, the event was a great success.

Breakthroughs and Achievements

In the past six months, we have achieved a series of important breakthroughs and accomplishments. These achievements are proof of our team’s hard work and a source of motivation for us:

  • On Twitter, we’ve built a strong following of over 138k, indicating our growing influence. The mint count for ReadON Archive SBT has also exceeded 390k, a reflection of the vibrancy and prosperity of our role as a content service layer.
  • We secured a third place in the Connected2023 Web3 Social Hackathon.
  • Our bilingual Binance Feed accounts in Chinese and English provide the most recent and genuine blockchain articles. Thanks to engaging content and consistent updates, our English account, “ReadON Web3 Content Platform,” has amassed over 30.5k followers and more than 130k likes. Meanwhile, our Chinese account, “ReadON币圈资讯,” has garnered 9.5k followers and over 320k likes. Additionally, we’ve been honored multiple times as a Binance Feed featured creator and even ranked third in the Q1 Chinese Creator New Followers list.
  • We were invited to participate in a panel discussion at the #Foresight2023HK Conference in Hong Kong, sharing our insights and projections for the future of Web3 alongside esteemed entities like Conflux, Scroll, MaskNetwork, CyberConnect.
  • As one of the early participants in zkBAB, we were featured on Dapp Bay by BNBchain. Moreover, our participation in the BNB Easter Egg Hunt event underlines our influence and recognition in the Web3 world.


Developed by ReadON, Trend3 is an “all-in-one” dynamic information flow product for Web3 projects. With Trend3, Web3 project teams can display their content in an aggregated manner, allowing viewers to stay updated with project highlights and milestones. Trend3 also supports multi-language and plug-in functions, catering to the unique requirements and usage scenarios of each project.

To date, Trend3 has established collaboration with over 80 projects, including renowned names like Conflux, Ultiverse, OpenOcean, and Cetus. Further, Trend3 has formed a partnership with the Web3 quest platform Port3, enhancing the user experience on SoQuest by providing access to Trend3’s information feed and AI Quiz capabilities.

Looking forward, we are committed to our vision and excited about the journey ahead. We warmly invite friends old and new to join us in crafting this future narrative.

Stay informed by following our official account for the latest news and updates:

ReadON Twitter: @ReadOnMe3

ReadON discord:

ReadON web:




ReadON is a decentralized content distribution platform.