Redeem Asset Packs and Cattos with Your DOSI Digital Items

3 min readFeb 28, 2024


Thank you for your participation in our digital item sale on DOSI!

Our Season 1 snapshot is Feb 29 11:00 (UTC+9). Please kindly note that the snapshot will determine your FINAL REDEMPTION RIGHT to ReadON assets. Trading post-snapshot won’t grant new owners redemption rights.

Redemption will be live on Mar 1st. Please informed of our notice on offical X for the exact time. Season 2 redemption will take place at the end of March and would be excluded from this batch.

STEP1: Visit the Redemption Portal and press “Redeem”

STEP 2: Connect your EVM Wallet on the top-right corner (only MetaMask supported at the moment) for receiving Catto or Testnet Tokens. And Click “Check Your Rewards” to view all your eligible assets.

STEP 3: You will be directed to a log-in page that collects your DOSI credentials. This step is crucial for validating your purchased items on DOSI.

STEP 4: After logging in with DOSI, all your eligible assets will be shown in the form of the cards in the image below. The number of tokens and points will be shown on top of the coresponding cards. Catto ID will be shown along with your Catto. Now click “Redeem”.

STEP 5: If you are eligible for claiming ReadON Points, you will be asked to fill in your unique ReadON invitation code in a pop-up window after clicking “Redeem”. Please make sure your invitation code is submitted with precision. You will not have the chance to re-enter the code if the submission were done incorrectly.

STEP 6: You will be asked to confirm your EVM wallet address for receiving all onchain assets. Please make sure you are connected to your designated wallet. You will not have the chance to changed the wallet once confirmed.

STEP 7: Your redeemed assets will be shown as “Redeemed” after the process is completed, until you have new assets to redeem after the snapshot of the next season.

After the redemption, please allow up to 72 hours for all your assets to show up in your ReadON DAO app and/or wallet. If you encounter unexpected issues during the redemption, or belive you are missing part of your assets, please join our community to submit your feedback:

Happy claming!

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