ReadON Letter #1: Catto NFT Design and Engineering Updates

Product & Design

The birth of a new specie

What do you associate with when you read? We had a long and heated discussion about the image of NFT, and finally the cat-loving party prevailed and the glasses-loving party made a compromise. Well, a cat with glasses appeared, which can provide designers with more design space (that’s why this discussion was initiated). What should this cute cat be called? Maybe call it “Dr. Cat”?

Don’t touch my NFT

Some successful products are designed with a centralized wallet within the app and it helps a lot in terms of user experience. But we really dislike it. Especially at times when users need to transfer their most important asset — NFT to another account before the journey can begin. Imagine that you don’t even know if the NFT you mint in the app actually exists on the chain.

At the very least, we want to allow users to start using their equipment without having to transfer it. How to solve the problem of gas fees and delays for small purchases in game play? If it costs more to pay for gas fee than it does to fix the equipment, then this feature shouldn’t exist.

We designed a change wallet to cover these small expenses, which is a balanced choice. This wallet can’t hold NFTs. The change inside will be used to pay for game operations and can be transferred from the user’s wallet when the change is not enough, that’s all.

Community & Growth

Our community is geared up and ready to sail again!

  1. New level system. It will keep you away from spamming.
  2. Hold regular events for everyone to participate in, including NFT design polls, Topic-selection activities, and Call for Papers. All participants will get extra scores.
  3. Our Admin has selected moderators for different languages so you can freely talk with your same-language friends. New moderators will translate important announcements into your language, so you don’t need to google translate them anymore.
  4. We are actively promoting our community, and I believe that soon our users will be increased.

ReadON Discord Bot

We have our own bot! Right now, adding scores from reactions is implemented through our own bot. More functions will be added in the future.

Engineering & Safety

In-App Wallet

We have finished most of the key functions of in-app wallet, including signing, transferring and checking balance. The next part would be integration with the main app and UI components.

Home feed and Content Detail Page

Home feed pages and content detail pages have passed the QA process. Next week, we will work on the reward timer module and NFT modules.

Backend Message Infrastructure

To make sure all transactions won’t be lost during service failure. We design and implement a message based backend infrastructure. All records can be recovered and stored.

Anti-cheating SDK

We are working with a professional anti-cheating hacker to integrate a specific SDK for both our app and our server to make sure only true reading time will be counted into the reward. The process is expected to be fully finished in 45 days.

Collaboration & Business Development

We are at the very end of our seed round. More information will be shared soon.

About ReadON

ReadON is a decentralized content distribution platform which has created an incentive mechanism for consumers, curators and creators, along with a unique Topic-bound NFT design. ReadON seeks to help users efficiently and freely access quality content, break information silos, and explore a real new world.

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