ReadON: One-Page

It has always been a problem to introduce what is ReadON, as there are so many things we will build. So we would like to share this one-page introduction to you.

ReadON’s Mission

ReadON is a Read-Fi mobile application that aims to build the largest decentralized content distribution engine, help users to discover high-quality content efficiently, and overcome the information cocoon problem brought about by traditional social media. To achieve this goal, we have carefully designed a novel incentive strategy for content creators, curators and consumers along with a topic-bond NFT system. Meanwhile, the viral effect of content sharing and large reading population will naturally introduce more users to Web3 through ReadON.

ReadON’s Path

ReadON will design and implement a public contract for content both on-chain and off-chains, so that existing public Web2 content can be indexed, ranked and distributed to all users.

A complete incentive and governing system have been designed for different stake-holders in the content ecosystem, so that creators, curators and readers can all participate in this decentralized distribution contract. We have proved that the Nash Equilibrium will be reached when all parties tell their true understanding of the content quality.

ReadON will not only be a decentralized content distribution engine, but also a decentralized recommendation system that leverages user data. The real external value will be generated when the ecosystem supports promotional content from 3rd-party projects and use cases. This will enable users to truly own their data and gain benefits from them.

On the content side, ReadON will focus primarily on crypto related topics. We want to be the go-to product for crypto natives to look for high-quality content. For the large Web2 populations who are curious about crypto, we also aim to be the platform for them to learn about Web3 through a hassle-free reading experience and give them confidence as well as a certificate of their Web3 understanding with on-chain data.

ReadON’s Team

The founding team includes engineers and product leaders from Web2 social giants like ByteDance, Pinterest, and QuTouTiao, which is the largest Web2 Read-to-Earn project with 30M DAUs. The team includes machine learning experts from the Natural Language Processing lab of Carnegie Mellon University who are experienced in content understanding and distribution, and is also supported by growth hackers who assisted StepN and Steemit along their journeys.


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