ReadON Loki Testnet Officially Launches!

2 min readAug 5, 2023


ReadON Loki Testnet has officially launched, marking a groundbreaking move towards innovating the Content as a Service (CaaS) landscape.

A Leap in zkEVM Application Chain

ReadON has successfully created our exclusive zkEVM application chain, the ReadON Loki Testnet, on the testnet via Opside ZK-Rollup Launchbase. We’re driven by a vision to offer dApps Content as a Service (CaaS) solutions, revolutionizing how content is delivered and managed. Our self-owned zkEVM application chain is all about scaling data on-chain, maximizing the value capture of service output, and paving the way for users to monetize their data.

Introducing Customized Gas Token $READ

Standing apart from conventional zkEVMs, we’ve rolled out a different feature: a customized Gas Token, $READ, within the testnet. This milestone marks the birth of the world’s first zkEVM equipped with a customized Gas Token.

The introduction of a customized Gas Token brings a whole new level of possibilities and flexibility. With the testnet now launched on ReadON App, users can use $READ tokens as gas for participating in in-app PICK events. What’s more, $READ tokens will be airdropped in different quantities based on users’ SBT levels, making it possible for users to engage in content curation and zkEVM on-chain interactions at zero cost.

How to Participate in PICKs Using ReadON Loki Testnet

  • Click the airdrop icon in the top-right corner of your personal center, or click on the banner.
  • Follow the popped-up steps to add ReadON Loki Testnet to your wallet.
  • Click ‘Claim’, and select the wallet where you’ve added the ReadON Loki Testnet.
  • Congratulations! You can now use $READ tokens as gas for PICKs and earn more ReadON points!

The launch of the ReadON Loki Testnet marks just the beginning. We’re set to unlock even more potential and bring unprecedented applications to our users. Stay tuned for exciting future developments.

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