ReadON Launches Content Hub Beta: Join to Discover Web3 Contents and Earn READ Testnet Tokens

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The ReadON Content Hub is an innovative content curation portal developed in conjunction with Linea Network and ReadON Loki Testnet. With scheduled community beta testing on September 26, ReadON is providing a novel and democratized approach to content aggregation and distribution. After the Beta phase, the Content Hub will also allocate a total of 10,000 READ Testnet tokens every week to reward outstanding content curators.

Previously, ReadON’s content aggregation depended almost entirely on automated indexing. With the official launch of Content Hub, we’re transitioning to a more community-centric model, enabling all members to actively contribute to the content discovery process.

Visit ReadON Content Hub now, and use the invitation code RDNHUB to receive 10 READ Testnet tokens instantly. Follow the tutorial and start your first content curation!


  • Access ReadON Content Hub
  • Click “Connect Wallet” in the upper right corner, and connect your wallet to log in.
  • Paste the URL of any web-based content you endorse, then click “Curate”.
  • Select the chain and then click “Curate” again. A wallet pop-up will appear; confirm and pay the gas fee there.
  • The article is now curated! Share this link with others to boost this content. When others use your invite code and successfully promote it, you’ll earn a reward of 10 READ tokens.


Every week, all contents would be ranked by the frequency of curation. Curators of the TOP 55 pieces of content will be splitting a weekly prize pool of 10,000 READ tokens:

  • TOP 1: 1,000 tokens.
  • TOP 2–10: 3,600 tokens in total, 400 for each content
  • TOP 11–55: 5,400 tokens in total, 120 for each content

The leading (first) curator for each winning content receives 10% of that content’s total rewards. Here, we champion early diggers for premium content.

The following curators will be rewarded sequentially based on when they curate. The second to the tenth curators will split 45% of the token rewards designated for the winning content. The remaining 45% is reserved for 18 curators who are selected at random.

Users can view articles that have already been curated in the weekly rankings at the bottom of the homepage. They are able to curate these listed articles, helping to boost their prominence. For a personal record of articles curated, users can visit “My Dashboard”.

For a comprehensive understanding of the reward mechanism, please refer to the table below.

We’re thrilled to invite all ReadON community members to experience the beta version of our Content Hub. Join us, explore, and collaborate to co-create a new vision of content democracy. Please stay tuned for future updates!

Stay informed by following our official account for the latest news and updates:

ReadON Twitter: @ReadOnMe3

ReadON discord:

ReadON web:




ReadON is a decentralized content distribution platform.

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