ReadON and LINE NEXT Forge Strategic Partnership to Innovate Digital Commerce

2 min readFeb 19, 2024


ReadON, a leading decentralized content platform boasting a vibrant community of over 1 million Web3 enthusiasts, is proud to announce a strategic collaboration with LINE NEXT, LINE’s venture dedicated to developing and expanding the Web3 ecosystem. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the two partners’ journey to redefine digital product creation and digital commerce.

Upon the formation of a Memorandum of Understanding, ReadON and LINE NEXT are embarking on the co-creation of creative digital products and services, mutual promotion of brand awareness, and exploration of pioneering business models. A standout initiative from this collaboration is the creation of “DOSI Catto’’ and the “DOSI ReadON Pass”. These exclusive digital products represent a unique amalgamation of ReadON’s iconic character, Catto, with the distinctive branding elements of DOSI, offering users the opportunity to redeem these artworks for special privileges and assets within the ReadON community.

Immediately following the ReadON joining of as a key partner on DOSI on January 23rd, the inaugural co-branded digital products were met with unprecedented demand, selling out within 30 minutes for four consecutive days — a testament to the community’s enthusiasm, with the initial launch day witnessing a sell-out in a mere 10 seconds.

Encouraged by the response, the partners are set to launch the second season of sales, introducing new and rare coveted items. These additions promise to enrich user experience with even more exclusive privileges.

The Season 2 sale is scheduled to commence on February 21st at 18:00 (UTC+9), featuring an early bird special where a limited quantity of 100 DOSI ReadON Passes will be available, accompanied by bonus benefits. The excitement continues on February 22nd, with an expanded release of DOSI ReadON Passes and DOSI Cattos.

About LINE NEXT Inc.

Based in the United States, LINE NEXT Inc. is focused on growing the global Web3 business. Through building a Web3 ecosystem, LINE NEXT aims to provide new digital experiences and lead the way into the future.

About ReadON

ReadON is a leading decentralized Web3 content aggregation and distribution community and the creator of a content application chain addressing revenue sharing and content moderation issues of Web2. Servicing over 100 B2B clients, including top exchanges and growth platforms, ReadON also boasts its own Web3 content aggregation app, ReadON DAO, which has been embraced by over 1 million users. Following its fair launch of BRC-20 inscription $REON, ReadON has also kicked off its development of the Bitcoin ecosystem, with a strong commitment to establishing a foundational social and content infrastructure.

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