Purchase DOSI ReadON Passes and Cattos to Enjoy Discounted Assets

3 min readJan 23, 2024


ReadON Store is officially launched on DOSI! With a huge success with Season 1, we are coming back with exclusive new and rare items for Season 2!

Season 2 Sale Schedule:

  • 02–21 18:00 (UTC+9): Early-bird sale with up to 100 items with extra bonus!
  • 02–22 18:00 (UTC+9): Mass sale with the launch of SUPER RARE items!

How to Redeem Assets:

All items purchased are set to be redeemed for corresponding assets according to their ownership at a snapshot:

Season 1 Snapshot: 2024–02–29 11:00 AM (UTC+9).

Season 2 Snapshot: 2024–03–20 11:00 AM (UTC+9).

Redemption will be available within 30 days after the snapshot at: https://bit.ly/RedeemDOSI (detailed instructions will be provided soon).

Instructions for Purchase:

STEP 1: Visit ReadON official brand store on DOSI: https://bit.ly/ReadONDOSI

STEP 2: Click “Log In” on the top right corner and use the provided options to sign up for your DOSI account. You will be asked to set up a 6-digit pass code in this step.

STEP 3: Scroll down the store page, you will find listed items to be released at different time. You can click on any of them to find details.

STEP 4: In the description, there is a landing page for you to visit and redeem for assets related to each item. The “Upcoming” button will become active once the sales period begins.

STEP 4: Payments are accepted through credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay or DOSI Wallet. The items are based on LINE’s Finschia network. Both USD and $FNSA will be accepted for transactions. Learn more about $FNSA and find exchanges: https://www.finschia.network/finschia/

Caution: For first-time participants, you will need to go through a phone-verification process. It is recommended to go through the purchase process with an existing product (from other brand stores) until the step prior to payment, so that your purchases at ReadON would be clear and not take extra time. For users who are using a VPN, your phone number shall match the country of your IP address.

Stay informed by following our official account for the latest news and updates:

ReadON Twitter: @ReadOnMe3

ReadON discord: https://discord.gg/readon

ReadON web: https://readon.me/#/




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