How to Participate in the REVOX Campaign Using Binance Web3 Wallet

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Binance Web3 Wallet × REVOX
Join the 200 Million REVOX Airdrop Points Adventure!

Binance Web3 Wallet × REVOX

Campaign Duration: 20/06/2024 06:00:00 UTC — 18/07/2024 23:59:59 UTC

▶️ Brief task description

  1. Create Binance Web3 Wallet and deposit tokens(Optional)
  2. Check-in to claim REVOX AI Passes
  3. Invite Friends and get additional REVOX Alliance Passes!


  1. Check in with Binance Web3 Wallet to Earn AI Passes
  • Access REVOX via the Binance mobile app and connect your Binance Web3 Wallet to check in during the 28-day campaign via opBNB or Linea chain.
  • Continuous and consecutive check-ins will increase the amount of REVOX AI Passes you receive, A total of 1520 REVOX AI Passes can be acquired from checking-in and following Official X over the course of the campaign!

2️. Invite New Friends to Earn Alliance Passes

  • Invite your friends and earn an additional 5 Alliance Passes for each valid invitation.
  • A single user can obtain a maximum of 1500 Alliance Passes by inviting up to 300 people.


a. While consecutive daily check-ins are ideal, you can still earn REVOX AI Passes even if you miss some days. However, The amount of AI passes you get and your share of REVOX points will be lower compared to completing the full 28-day check-in streak.

b. The invitee must complete a daily check-in task for the invitation to be considered valid.

🏆Rewards criteria:

A total of 200 million REVOX points will be allocated among AI Pass and Alliance Pass holders.

After the campaign ends, AI Passes will be converted to 160 million of the total 200 million REVOX points, while Alliance Passes will account for the remaining 40 million.

The exact conversion ratio of a single AI Pass or Alliance Pass to REVOX points depends on the total number of passes acquired by the community during this campaign.

For example: — Suppose 2000 REVOXies joined this campaign, checked in for 28 consecutive days, and each invited one new friend.

This would earn them:

🔹AI Passes Calculation:

  • 2000 * 1360 AI Passes (the maximum AI Passes one can acquire for checking in over 28 consecutive days) = 2.32 million AI Passes
  • 160 million REVOX points allocated to AI Passes, divided by 2.32 million AI Passes, equals approximately 69 points per AI Pass.
  • 69 points * 1360 AI passes of each REVOXies are holding equals 93,840 points.

🔸Alliance Passes Calculation:

  • 10000 Alliance Passes = 2000 * 5 Alliance Pass (5 Alliance Pass for each successful invitation)
  • 20 million REVOX points allocated to Alliance Passes, divided by 10,000 Alliance Passes, equals 2000 points per Alliance Pass.
  • 2000 points times 5 Alliance passes of each REVOXies are holding equals 10,000 points.

🔺Total REVOX Points Calculation:

  • Total REVOX points per person: 93,840 REVOX points (from AI Passes) + 10,000 REVOX points (from Alliance Passes) = 103,840 REVOX points

Therefore, in this scenario, each of the 2000 REVOXies would receive 103,840 REVOX points.

📖 Step-by-step Guide:

1️⃣ Create your Binance Web3 Wallet

You may skip step 1and 2 if you already have a backed-up Binance Web3 Wallet and possess some ETH/BNB in it. Find out more about Binance Web3 Wallet here.

✅Download and Update Binance App and ensure it’s the latest version.

✅Sign up for a Binance account and complete identity verification:

✅Set Up Web3 Wallet:

  • Open the app, navigate to ‘Wallets’, and go to the ‘Web3’ tab.
  • Follow instructions to create your Binance Web3 Wallet.
  • Remember to back up your Web3 Wallet.

✅Participating in this campaign requires you to prepare some opBNB / Linea tokens for gas fee (very little, worth less than $1 should be sufficient).

2️⃣ Deposit Token in your Binance Web3 Wallet:

Choose Blockchain Preference:

  • Decide whether you prefer OpBNB (Recommended) or Linea chain for the REVOX x Binance Campaign.
  • BNB tokens on the OpBNB chain can be purchased and deposited via the Binance app, while tokens on the Linea chain must be transferred from an external wallet to the Binance address.

Acquire BNB Tokens (OpBNB chain):

  • Acquire BNB tokens via Spot/P2P in the Trade section of the Binance mobile app.
  • Approximately $1 worth of BNB tokens is sufficient for the deposit.

Deposit Tokens to Binance Web3 Wallet:

  • Open the Binance app and tap on “Wallets” at the bottom right.
  • Select “Web3” in the upper right corner of the interface.

Initiate Token Transfer:

  • Tap the “Transfer” button in the middle to transfer the token that you acquired from Binance Spot & Funding account to Binance Web3 Wallet.
  • In the “Transfer” interface, choose BNB on the “Coin” dropdown list, then select opBNB in the “Network” dropdown list.
  • Click “Transfer” and you should be able to receive your token in Binance Web3 Wallet shortly.

3️⃣ Connect REVOX using Binance Web3 Wallet

Open Binance App and Navigate to Wallets:

  • Tap on the “Wallets” icon located at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to your wallet overview.

Switch to Web3:

  • At the top of the wallet screen, find and tap on the “Web3” tab to switch to the Web3 interface.

Access the Earn Section:

  • Tap on the “Earn” icon, which is located at the right-bottom of the Web 3 screen.

Explore DApps:

  • In the Web3 interface, tap on the “DApps” tab located at the top of the screen to browse decentralized applications.

Find the REVOX Banner:

  • Look for the REVOX x Binance campaign banner in the DApps section. This banner will be prominently displayed during the campaign period.

Tap the REVOX Banner and join the Campaign

  • After tapping the banner, you will be automatically redirected to the REVOX x Binance Campaign page. (See following screenshot)

4️⃣ Enter Invitation Code(Optional)

In the “Enter Invite Code” Section on the campaign interface,Enter the 6-digit Invitation Code you obtained from your friends or twitter.

If you don’t have an invite code, You can skip this step.

5️⃣ Follow us on X

  • Scroll down to the “Social Task” section
  • Tap the button on the right of both tasks to Follow Binance Web3 and REVOX via X
  • After clicking the button, You will be redirected to both Binance WEB3/REVOX official X account, Tap follow on both account, Not only this will gain you 100 AI passes, But also keep you updated with the latest campaign results and future $RGT Airdrop announcements!

⚠️ Note:
a. You must follow both X accounts for at least 24 hours to receive 100 AI passes for both tasks. If you unfollow immediately, the task will not be considered complete.
b. Do not change your username within this 24-hour period. If you do, you will need to resubmit your Twitter account and wait another 24 hours.

6️⃣Claim your daily REVOX AI Passes

  • In the Campaign interface, scroll down to the “Daily REVOX Credits” Section and click the “Check-in” button.
  • Choose your preferred chain between opBNB and Linea (requires to have no more than $1 worth of either BNB/ETH token. If you don’t have tokens to cover the gas fee, please refer to Step 2. on how to deposit a token in your Binance Web3 Wallet.) Tap “Confirm”.
  • Then, tap ”Confirm” on your Binance pop-up window to authenticate and claim your daily REVOX AI Passes via opBNB/Linea chain (a minimal gas fee will apply).
  • After completing the daily claim, you will receive your REVOX AI Passes instantly as the signing message passes through. You can check the amount of AI passes that you acquired on the upper-left corner of the Daily REVOX Credits section.

7️⃣Invite your friends and earn additional rewards!

  • Scroll down and find the “Team Build Adventure” section.
  • Tap the “Invite Friends” button to share your unique invite code via X, or simply copy and send your unique invite code to your friends on other platforms that you prefer!
  • Alternatively, You can tap “Create My Poster”, And your exclusive Poster with your own invite code will be generated for you to share!
  • For each successful invitation*, you will receive 5 Alliance Passes!
    You can check your received amount of Alliance Passes on the upper-left corner of Team Build Adventure Section.

⚠️ Note:
An invitation is considered successful when the invitee completes a daily claim and receives AI Passes,The maximum number of Alliance Passes one can acquire by inviting new friends is 1500, Which is equivalent to 300 successful invitations.

8️⃣Check your daily progress

You can check your daily progress with the campaign on “My Task Rewards” Section. It would tell you the total REVOX points reward you will earn from both your AI and Alliance passes after the Campaign ends.

(The daily Snapshot time is UTC 00:00:01)

❓ FAQ:

1. Do I have to use Binance Web3 Wallet to join this campaign?

Yes. This campaign is a collaboration between Binance and REVOX aiming to benefit the Web3 community. To guarantee your eligibility for the airdrop campaign rewards, please ensure you use a wallet address created with the Binance Web3 Wallet.

Can I use Metamask wallet instead?

No. External wallets imported to Binance Web3 Wallet will not count toward the above mission requirements. Only backed-up wallets that are created in Binance Web3 Wallet may participate in the aforementioned missions.

2. What happens if I didn’t interact with REVOX for 28 consecutive days during this campaign, will the number of my Passes reset to zero?

No, your Passes represent your contribution to the REVOX ecosystem and Binance Web3 Wallet, and your progress will not be erased.According to our campaign rules, if you do not interact for 28 consecutive days, your share of REVOX points allocated at the end of the campaign will be relatively lower.

3. Can I participate in this campaign with no cost?Is there a gas fee involved in inviting new friends?

Yes, While daily check-in incurs a neglectable gas fee, Inviting friends won’t cost anything. You can simply share your invite code by X, And no on-chain interaction is involved.(Please refer to step 5)

4. Which chain $RGT tokens will be launched on?

The chain on which the $RGT token will be launched will be announced prior to the TGE.

Please stay tuned to our official Twitter for updates!

5. What will be the conversion ratio of REVOX passes to REVOX points after this campaign ends, and subsequently, REVOX points to $RGT tokens?

The conversion ratio between REVOX points and $RGT will be announced later, closer to the TGE date. As for the ratio between REVOX points and passes, It depends on the total number of passes acquired by the community during this campaign. Please check the Rewards Criteria part on the top of this tutorial for explanation.

6. When will the $RGT TGE event happen?

The TGE is expected to take place in Q3 2024. As for the exact date,Please stay tuned to our official Twitter for updates!

7. What should I do to redeem my points for the $RGT tokens by due time?

Please follow REVOX official account on X ( for TGE announcement in order to redeem your points by due time, and remember to regularly interact with REVOX ecosystem to maximize your reward.

We would provide an airdrop claiming website during the TGE. After community members connect their wallets, there will be a display on the website of REVOX points they are holding and the corresponding number of $RGT tokens they are eligible to claim.

8. If I want to earn more points and contribute to the REVOX ecosystem, what else can I do?

Thank you for your interest in the REVOX ecosystem! We’re excited to have you as part of our community.

You can regularly interact with our ecosystem projects such as Content Hub and Lense, While both Content Hub and Lens are available on our website. Currently, only Lense is available on Binance mobile app.

Please visit our official website, where you can access our projects on the upper-right Product section:

You can find detailed introduction and interaction tutorials of our project at the following websites:
Lense 🌐
ContentHub 📝

If you have any other questions, Feel free to open a ticket in our Discord

We are more than happy to welcome you as part of our community, and assist with any concerns that you may have!




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