Get Ready: The 4th Topic Raffle Starts Now!

2 min readMay 21, 2024


ReadON Topic Raffle IV: Lense

🔥The time has come for the 4th Raffle, and REVOX LENSE is your key to scoring some Lucky Tickets.

Lense just launched. To celebrate this significant milestone, we are kick-starting a Raffle themed with Lense Topic Parts, and 50 Lucky Tickets are given out on Lense for a limited time.

➡️From May 21: Use Lense to obtain your Lucky Tickets for the 4th Topic Raffle.
➡️From May 23: Bet your Lucky Tickets in ReadON app for a chance to win a Topic part and a Mint Scroll to mint your Catto NFT for free.
➡️On May 30: Topic Raffle winners will be drawn, and the special Lense event will end.

😸Catto Topic: Lense
Supply: 400 Topic Parts & Mint Scrolls.
Other Rewards: $eREAD tokens, Shopping Carts and 4-star Catto Parts.

👨‍💻Here’s how it works:
Lucky Tickets Raffle pool will be open for submissions from May 23 till May 30, 4am UTC. 🔽

Where you can bet

👍To bet your Lucky Tickets:

  • Visit your Square in ReadON app (the second button in the bottom menu bar).
  • Tap on the Event Banner at the top.
  • Choose the amount of Lucky Tickets you wish to bet. The more Lucky Tickets you bet, the better your chances of winning higher rewards.

❓How to get more Lucky Tickets you may ask.

❤️REVOX LENSE is the answer you’re looking for.

Use Lense for 5 consecutive days and claim your 50 Lucky Tickets before May 31. It’s as simple as that! Full Lense user guide here:

⏰Raffle winners will be chosen on May 30, and you’ll be able to see and claim your winnings in the same event page in ReadON app.

🙏Don’t miss out: Start your Lense journey today and rack up those Lucky Tickets for your chance to win in the 4th Raffle. Good luck!




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