Get in on the Action: The Topic Raffle is now live!

2 min readJul 7, 2023


The Topic Raffle is officially live!

Hurry and grab your ‘Airdrop’ Topic Part to mint a topic-limited Catto NFT, starting at a floor price of 0.34 ETH!

📍 ReadON App — Topics — Top of the page
🗓 07/07 2:00–07/14 4:00 (UTC)

Topic Raffle I releases 200 ‘Airdrop’ topic parts, which include 190 3-star parts and 10 4-star parts. The topic-limited Catto NFT minting will be opened after the conclusion of the Topic Raffle.

*Make sure your app version is 1.5.2 or above

🎁 Prize Pool: 3–4 star topic parts, other parts, shopping carts, points

✨ How to participate:
i) Open the ReadON app — Open the ‘Topics’ page — Find the entry at the top of the page
ii) Choose the number of lucky tickets you want to bet. The more lucky tickets you put in, the greater the chance of drawing the theme parts!
iii) Wait for the event to end, and check your prizes in the ‘your awards’ section of the page.

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