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We have always been concerned about user feedback and queries, which has prompted us to write this article. Based on feedback within the app, DMs on Twitter, and feedback on Discord, we’ve selected the most common questions and doubts from users and organized them into this FAQ for everyone to refer to. We hope this FAQ will help with enquiries and solve your problems.

This FAQ will cover three main categories:

I. Common Questions about “PICK” Feature

II. Common Problems While Using the App

III. Others

🔸 Common Questions about “PICK” Feature

  • Q: Is there a relationship between the ranking of articles and the amount of points staked? In order to win the prize pool, should I pick articles with more staking points?

A: The amount of points staked is not directly related to the final ranking. The final ranking of the content is determined by the engagement score.

Engagement Score: The engagement score represents the popularity of the content, calculated based on the interaction data of the content on ReadON App.

  • Q: How is the reward calculated?

A: We first determine the reward on the top 10 articles based on their engagement scores. Then within the voters of each article, the reward is divided among voters based on their staked points and voting boost.

For example, if an article wins 1000 points and only Alice and Bob voted on it, each of them staked 100 points to cast their vote. Then each of them will win 500 points. If Alice voted in the ‘early bird’ stage with X5 boost and Bob voted without any boost, then Alice will get 1000 / (100 X 5 + 100) X (100 X 5) = 833 points and Bob will get 167 points.

  • Q: What does “early bird” and such X5 boost mean?

A: To encourage users to pick articles on their judgment, we set a higher boost when the article is new.

  • Q: how does ReadON rank the content of the PICK tab?

A: The ranking of the content on the ‘Pick’ tab is a mix of high votes and random articles and it will be randomized for each user. While our primary feed in the “for you” tab is still following the original ranking and votes will not affect it.

  • Q: Does the number of pickers represent the number of people who staked for that article?

A: It represents the number of voters in the voting cycle.

Total Reward: The total number of points in the pick pool for this current event.

Pickers: The total number of participants in the pick for this current event.

  • Q: Are staking points reflected in real-time or in batches?

A: The staking points should be reflected in real-time.

  • Q: I have paid the gas but my pick didn’t work successfully.

A: It will happen occasionally. We can monitor that and try to reimburse the gas fee. This problem will be fixed in the next update.

  • Q: Is following the crowd, just PICK articles with a lot of votes, a good strategy?

A: The reward for “PICK” is based on the final engagement score instead of votes. So following the crowd may not be a good idea.

  • Q: Why did I receive a signature error when connecting the wallet for picking?

A: To successfully perform a PICK operation, make sure to switch your wallet to the appropriate chain (Arbitrum, zkSync, or BSC). If the issue persists, please close the wallet application, reopen it, and attempt the connection again.

  • Q:Why is the Pick time displayed as a negative number?

A: We have identified this issue as a display bug, rest assured it will be resolved in an upcoming release update. Regarding your points, we have processed the refund and you can check your points on the points page. If you haven’t received your refund, it may be that the pick time has not expired. Please be patient and your points will be refunded accordingly.

“PICK” is an experimental and new feature, we will keep optimizing it. You can read the following article to learn about ‘PICK’ feature:

🔸 Common Problems While Using the App

User Account/ID

  • Q: If I created my ReadON account using a wallet, can I link my email address after?

A: It is not possible to do this for the time being.

  • Q: After binding my Twitter account with the ReadON app, can I switch to a different Twitter account?

A: Changing your connected Twitter account is not currently supported.

  • Q: Why has my built-in Particle wallet turned red and unusable?

A: This means you logged in with your connected EOA wallet. You can use your account as normal, but to perform any transactions with your Particle wallet, you’ll have to logout and log back in using the method you signed up with.

  • Q: Where can I see the level of topics based on my ReadON Archive?

A: Tap on your Profiles in the Personal Center and then tap on your ReadON Archive NFT card to see it.

  • Q: Why can’t I link my Manta zkSBT to the app?

A: The system sometimes has a certain delay, please exit the app and re-enter, and wait for a while. If the link is not successful, please contact the technical staff through feedback to solve the issue.

  • Q: Why is my zkSync Era ReadON profile invisible?

A: For now, you may not be able to see your zkSync Era Profile in ReadON app if you have minted it on our website. For any other issues regarding the zkSync Era Profile, ensure your transaction was successful (transactions on zkSync Era Network may take some time).

  • Q: Why does it show already bound when I try to bind my wallet?

A: This usually means you have accidentally created a second ReadON account and you have connected your wallet to the other account already. You’ll have to logout and log back in using the right method this time. If you have tried this and you still can’t figure it out, please contact technical support through the in-app ‘Feedback’. *Kindly note: do not attempt to delete your account to solve this issue.

  • Q: Why isn’t the wallet functioning properly when I’m trying to pick it? Why doesn’t it respond when I attempt to bind the wallet?

A: We appreciate your patience while we address the issues you’ve experienced with the wallet functionality. We’ve identified that the problem with initiating wallet signatures is indeed a software glitch. We want to assure you that we’re actively working on fixing this issue for our next update.

In the interim, you could try the following steps to possibly mitigate the issue:

i) Log out of your account, close the ReadON APP, and also terminate the wallet process.

ii) Log back into the APP and try to bind your wallet again.

If the issue continues, consider uninstalling the ReadON APP, then reinstalling it and trying the wallet feature again.

  • Q: Why is my wallet showing up in red?

A: Your wallet might be displayed in red due to connectivity issues. Here’s how you can address this:

  1. Click on the red wallet icon to attempt reconnecting. If it doesn’t work, follow the steps below.
  2. Log out of your ReadON account.
  3. Force close the ReadON app.
  4. Navigate to your wallet app and select the address corresponding to the red wallet.
  5. Switch your wallet’s network to Ethereum.
  6. Force close the wallet app to ensure it restarts cleanly.
  7. Log back into ReadON using your wallet.
  8. If all else fails, log out and then log back in using your email.

Please note that these steps aim to reset both your ReadON and wallet applications, which might resolve the issue.


  • Q: Why can’t I complete some of the daily quests like “Finish articles of 4 topics”?

A: Please try completing the quests by completing quizzes and trying articles from different topics.

  • Q: Why didn’t I get the invite reward?

A: The friends you invite will have to successfully pass the anti-cheating detection system, or they may be under review for a period of time. You will not be able to receive bonus points temporarily. After the audit is passed, you will get reward points. You will not get reward points if the audit fails.

  • Q: Why is there no new Achievement after the “Chosen one IV” Achievement is complete?

A: We have temporarily set the maximum level of answering Quizzes to 500. (Completing more than that usually implies the user has been solving Quizzes after their daily reading time is over).

  • Q: Why can’t I complete Ambassador Achievements?

A: The condition for completing the Ambassador Achievement is that the users you invite must level up their ReadON Archive NFT from level 0 to level 1. The users won’t be recorded in your task till then. Alternatively, if the person you invite fills in your invitation code after reaching level 1, they will not count in your Ambassador Achievement. You will still receive the reward for inviting them though.

  • Q: Why aren’t there tags for recent articles, post-article questions available, or certain tasks possible to complete?

A: We are currently facing server issues, but we’re working diligently to resolve them as soon as possible.


  • Q: Why does the app have no data?

A: Please check your network connection. Exit the APP and re-enter to refresh.

  • Q: Why is the article not translated into my selected language?

A: Please forward us the article link through the ‘Feedback’ option in the app and we will solve it.

  • Q: Why am I getting a blank in-app Message?

A: Please switch the language to English to check if the received message is sent in English. And tell us through feedback.

  • Q: Why am I seeing duplicate Catto NFTs in my Cattery?

A: We fixed this bug in v.1.5.0. If you face this issue in a version higher than 1.5.0, please contact us via feedback.

  • Q: Why did I receive a signature error when using the wallet to send a super bullet chat?

A: When sending a super bullet chat, ensure that your wallet is switched to the BSC chain. If you encounter any issues, please terminate the wallet process, relaunch it, and try again.

  • Q: Why am I unable to horizontally scroll on the ‘Pick-ongoing’ section? Even when I swipe, it returns to the original position.

A: To navigate through the ‘Pick-ongoing’ section, swipe along the middle line. We are aware of this issue and will fix it in the upcoming version 1.5.4 update.

  • Q: What is causing the black screen issue?

A: This is due to a known bug. Rest assured, we’re planning to rectify it in the upcoming version.

Catto Issues

  • Q: How to synthesize NFT?

A: Minting will resume soon.
You can read the following articles to learn about how to mint a Catto NFT:

“Enjoy Your Points! ReadON Beta Box Is Coming Soon” — You can find it at:

“ReadON Beta Box Season 2 Preliminary Announcement” — You can find it at:

  • Q: Why did my Catto part disappear?

A: Please check whether you’ve used some Vouchers that would consume Catto parts + such as Recast Scrolls). After confirming the disappearance, please exit the application and re-enter. If it still does not appear, please contact the technical staff through ‘Feedback’.

  • Q: Why is there no point bonus for my NFT?

A: The bonus points for Catto NFTs that have just been transferred to the in-app wallet, and Catto NFTs that have just been linked to your ReadON account with your EOA wallet, will take effect the next day.

  • Q: Why have my account points and Catto parts disappeared?

A: Ensure you have a good connection. Refresh page by holding down your screen and pushing downward. If you still can’t see your in-app data, this usually means you logged in using a different method than the method you had signed up with. Please follow the steps below:

Signing up with email and an OTP that gets sent to your email, is a different sign-up method than using your Google Account. You can only do that if you’ve linked your accounts on Particle Network already. In any other case, you’ll have to logout and log back in using the right method this time. To do this, head over to your Personal Center (tap on your Avatar, the last button in the bottom navigation bar to get there) and tap on the Menu at the top right. Logout from there.

*Note: Do not delete your account.

If you tried the above and you still can’t see your in-app data, please contact technical support through the in-app ‘Feedback’.

  • Q: Why am I unable to move my purchased ReadON Catto Part NFT into my assets?

A: We acknowledge this as a bug and it will be rectified in the upcoming version update. Meanwhile, we offer you two alternative solutions:

Scenario 1: If you possess a Particle wallet address, you can transfer your acquired ReadON Catto Part NFT from OpenSea to your Particle wallet, from where you can then relocate your assets.

Scenario 2: In case you have an account registered with an external wallet address and do not own a Particle wallet, you can shift your assets using the external wallet address associated with your registered account to the following address: 0x5370CFc1B8f98177bDC6895EA56468790C693758. We will manage the transaction with a script that relocates a portion of your ReadON Catto Part NFTs into your account assets.

🔸 Others

  • Q: Why did I enter ‘Restricted Mode’?

A: This usually means your account violated some term in the Anti-cheating Agreement (usually due to multi accounting or using an emulator. Other reasons may apply too, see here: ). If you used an emulator, please log in with a normal device, and the restriction will be lifted automatically after a certain period of time.

  • Q: What is “Private Mode”? And what will happen if I turn it on?

A: “Privacy Mode” is designed to protect users’ on-chain data. When privacy mode is turned on, your Arbitrum ReadON SBT will not have any metadata, as the metadata only exists on the private Manta ReadON SBT. When privacy mode is turned off, the metadata of the Arbitrum ReadON SBT will be restored.

  • Q: Basic troubleshooting

A: In many cases, some basic troubleshooting would solve most issues. Here’s a list with some things you can attempt:

i) Logout and log back in. Make sure to use the same method you had signed up with.

ii) Hold down your screen and push downward to refresh a page.

iii) Exit the app, locate ReadON in your apps running in the background, swipe left or up to close it, and re-enter.

iv) Switch between WiFi and mobile data.

v) Clear temporary data or cache. For Android users: exit the app > long-press on the app icon > app info > clear data > clear cache.

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