APR 16 — REVOX.AI Brand Upgrade Community Call

7 min readApr 17, 2024


ReadON has upgraded to REVOX.AI, transitioning to a modular on-chain AI network while bringing over 2 million users along with it. We organized a community call to introduce REVOX and answer the communities frequently asked questions.

HOST: Elia, Community Leader

SPEAKER: Troy, Cofounder & CTO

Elia: We know ReadON has rebranded to REVOX.AI. Could you introduce what REVOX is and what this upgrade means?

Troy: Sure, REVOX is a permissionless ecosystem that accelerates AI dapp development through modular agents.

Our platform empowers developers, organizations, and individuals by offering an extensive suite of component APIs and diverse data sources. REVOX’s mission is to revolutionize the creation of AI dapps with autonomous agents.

REVOX has four fundamental building blocks:

  • Scalable On-chain AI Inference in a Smart Contract.
  • Web3 Integration in the Form of AI Agents.
  • Customized Workflow to Connect Agents for Complex Use Cases.
  • Incentive Mechanism for Agent Developers and AI Providers.

During this upgrade, we are releasing our decentralized on-chain AI platform: DPrompt, which facilitates AI model integration via smart contracts. It is now available at dprompt.revox.network. Within this upgrade, products previously developed under ReadON, such as ReadON DAO and ShareON, will receive advanced decentralized AI improvements. The ReadON Content Hub is set to merge into this new framework, serving as an essential portal for decentralized content indexing.

Elia: Can you summarize in one sentence, what REVOX is?

Troy: Sure, we have been designing and working on REVOX for a while, and REVOX contains multiple components. It is a little bit hard to conclude everything in one sentence: I think it will be easier to understand REVOX as modularized AI for dapps.

REVOX is not just facilitating the technical groundwork for the next generation of AI-driven applications. We are also building a community and ecosystem by offering the tools and support necessary for everyone to contribute to and benefit from the vast potential of decentralized AI.

We hope REVOX:

  • To be the essential tool for building any dapp with AI usage
  • To be the go-to platform to share third-party data and logic for open integration
  • To be the common interface to connect with Web3

Elia: What are the thoughts behind this brand upgrade?

Troy: I am a PhD dropout from CMU specializing in machine learning, and my research at CMU was focused on conversational dialog systems, which is exactly what GPT is doing. Therefore, I am very interested in the great progress AI has made recently, and I am always thinking about the possible integration of Web3 and AI.

I have noticed that there is still a significant gap between dapps and AI, with two main challenges:

  1. The inability to call AI through smart contracts.
  2. AI lacks connections with wallets, blockchains, and other critical infrastructures of Web3.

Once these two issues are resolved, there will be entirely new ways for AI and Web3 to talk to each other.

This is the core idea of this ReadON upgrade and the two fundamental issues we aim to address: onchain AI and web3 AI components. The entire REVOX platform is designed around these two elements.

ReadON DAO has integrated a large number of AIGC elements into its products very early on, including quizzes, AI summaries, and more. In these development processes, we discovered a lot of common challenges of using AI in Web3 products. We hope ReadON can empower the entire Web3 AI application ecosystem, creating greater value.

ReadON has never been just an application. We aim to build the content layer for Web3. The brand upgrade of REVOX has made the development route of the ReadON ecosystem clearer, that is, to build a broader dapp ecosystem through AI application platforms and technology empowerment.

Elia: What exactly could REVOX do? Is it a developer tool or a user-facing product?

Troy: A very good question. REVOX is a platform by default. So we will first provide Web3 essential components for developers like AI in smart contracts and Web3 focused agents like wallet agents, trading agents. We believe these agents can be a great foundation for building different kinds of dApps by developers.

Let me give you a few specific examples to understand REVOX. For instance, we want to create an intelligent Web3 daily report system. Based on the user’s wallet address, it automatically retrieves the assets in the wallet, then using Google search, news search, Twitter search, and cryptocurrency price analysis, it identifies the connections between the cryptocurrency prices and these pieces of information, summarizing the content that is worthy of the user’s attention to aid their buying and selling decisions. Traditionally, creating such a tool would require extensive development and struggle to meet diverse user demands within a single product. Some users are more interested in the reasons behind price fluctuations, others in the next steps for decision making, and some in changes related to certain news information. However, the current AI framework provides us with a new development paradigm. As a platform, we can offer separate data interfaces like Google search, news search, and Twitter search. Developers can utilize a simple prompt and a customized workflow to let AI decide how to invoke these interfaces. When users present their personalized demands, AI can use these interfaces as real-time data sources to make suitable decisions.

Moreover, the entire development process is highly composable. The platform and core developers only need to provide these data source agents, while individual application developers can implement their decision logic, choose their required data sources, and provide various services. If we have such a platform, developing an AI application could take just one day, or even just one prompt. Everyone could have AI tools that meet their requirements, and these tools are not just limited to mimicking someone’s speech like character.ai, but can also connect with the entire internet and the whole Web3 blockchain to do anything.

REVOX will not be only a developer facing toolkit, we will build an incentive layer for both the developers and users. So we encourage users to directly use REVOX to access the products built on it. We will provide REVOX browser plugins and flagship apps to make sure REVOX will be your GPT store for Web3.

Just like the Apple ecosystem, REVOX Studio will provide AI developers with a very convenient tool, while REVOX itself will offer its own frontend and computing framework, similar to a mobile terminal. REVOX will provide developers with user traffic entry points through browser plugins, standalone web pages, and applications. At the same time, this entry point will also focus on addressing modules related to user AI payments, on-chain fees, and developer revenue sharing.

Elia: ReadON has incubated several products in the past, such as ReadON DAO, ShareON. What will be the relationship between REVOX and these products?

Troy: REVOX will be a platform and an ecosystem from day one provide a developer platform and tools for AI dapp, and both ReadON DAO and ShareON will use these AI upgrades as the platform’s flagship products to optimize the AI elements in the products.

Elia: How about Catto, READ tokens and other assets of the original ReadON’s app?

Troy: There will be only one governence token for the entire REVOX ecosystem, including ReadON DAO apps, ShareON, REVOX platform and a new AI product we are building right now called REVOX Lense.

READ tokens will be the utility tokens for ReadON DAO’s app and other content related applications.

Catto will always be the core NFT of REVOX’s ecosystem. Recently I read about XAI’s design of esXAI and sentry node NFT. I think it is a pretty good idea to empower a core NFT system for an ecosystem. We will probably adopt a similar design of XAI and Sentry node when it comes to the governence token and Catto.

In the short term, one utility of Catto owners will see is the advanced ability to use products on REVOX. Some features which require extra payment will be covered by us for all catto owners.

Elia: When are we expecting the TGE to come around?

Troy: We are advancing the project’s TGE and hope to complete it before Q4 2024.

Elia: What will REVOX’s airdrop look like? Could you introduce some details, if any?

Troy: 5% of the tokens will be airdropped to early participants.

REVOX represents an upgrade of the ReadON project. The airdrop will fully consider user loyalty, investment, and interaction. ReadON DAO’s core assets, Catto, READ, and REON, will also serve as core assets of REVOX.

Additionally, on the web end, a new version of the content hub has launched a points system to record user participation. The entire web end’s AI products will use a unified points system to encourage user engagement as well.

Elia: Thanks Troy for the introduction of the background of REVOX upgrade and TGE plans. Is there any event the team is working on in the short term?

Troy: There will be a series of twitter spaces in the coming weeks, a Chinese and Japanese AMA will be held in this week. And we will have a few AMA for some detailed introduction of how REVOX works and we will invite some other well-known AI-web3 projects to discuss how AI can be integrated into web3.

For the past month, the team was mostly focusing on REVOX upgrade and DPrompt implementation. I have to say that the new campaign in Read DAO’s app is lagged behind. We will pick it up quickly and design new Catto campaigns in the app.




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